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Victim Witness Advocate Program

Through the Sullivan County Victim Witness (V.W.) Advocate Program the V.W. Coordinator helps victims with applications for Victim Assistance (medical expenses/counseling/relocation expenses etc.), informs victim(s) and witness of case status and dispositions, of ongoing status, dates and times of hearing, trials and final disposition, acts as a liaison between victims/witnesses and the prosecutor and/or police department, provides pretrial courtroom tours, accompany and supporting the victim and witness throughout the trial, arranges meetings and depositions if ordered, transport for witnesses as needed, directs the victim to community resources for further assistance, facilitates the swift return of property being held as evidence, assists in the preparation of a statement to the court describing the impact the crime has had on the victim, ensures that the victim is notified of any parole hearings, and that they have the right to speak at the hearing.  Also informs victim of any changes in parole status.  The Coordinator is also responsible for determining restitution owed to victims, forwarding that information to Probation for collection, and providing death notifications upon request of police Departments or Prosecutors Office.

Grantor (s):  NH State Department of Justice

Contact Information:  Heather Delaney, Victim Witness Advocate Coordinator, C/o – County Attorney’s Office, 14 Main Street, Newport NH  03773.  Tel. (603) 863-8345.  Email:

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