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  Offender Services

Oasis Management System

Sullivan County DOC is currently using Oasis Management System.  There is no longer mailing of funds allowed.  This includes money orders, checks and cash.  There is access to the lobby kiosk 7AM - 11PM seven days a week.  You can add money to inmate's funds using cash, debit or credit card.  For transactions under $50 there is a $2.50 processing fee, transactions over $50 is a 10% processing fee.  You can also add money to an inmate's account online, at
Oasis is a leading service provider of inmate commissary services; Oasis Management Systems Inc. is committed to exceeding customer expectations.  Oasis operates exclusively in the corrections industry where quality of service is of the highest importance.  Focusing on the development of advanced technology for customers use such as deposit and booking kiosks, fully functional debit-release programs and online ordering, Oasis stands at the fore front of today's high-tech commissary industry.  With nearly two decades of dedicated commissary service, Oasis has set the standard for today's commissary market.
Securus now offers inmates to have prepaid calling time, as well as options for family and friends to go online to add time to their phones for inmates to call instead of collect calling.  (
Rates for Collect Calls: (no time purchased from either party ahead of time)
Local Calls
  • Surcharge $1.31
    • Per minute:
      • Day $.21
      • Evening $.15
      • Night/Weekend $.10
IntraLATA (long distance within the state)
  • Surcharge $1.31
    • Per minute:
      • Day $.21
      • Evening $.15
      • Night/Weekend $.10
  • Surcharge $3.95
    • Per minute: $.89
Advance Connect / Debit
  • Instate Surcharge $1.25
    • Per minute:
      • Day $.17
      • Evening $.12
      • Night/Weekend $.08
  • Interstate Surcharge $3.50
    • Per minute: $.50
  • International Surchage $2.25
    • Per minute: $.75
Note - All calls are subject to monitoring and are recorded.  Calls made to voice mail systems, answering machines and automated answering services will not be completed.  All calls must be accepted by the called party to be completed.  International calls require a prepaid account.  Inmate Families with blocked numbers or billing issues should call Securus at: 1-800-844-6591 or online at

Mail Requirements

You may write to an inmate at the following address:

Inmate Name
Sullivan County Department of Corrections
103 County Farm Rd
Claremont, NH 03743

Please be sure to include a complete return address on the envelope as well. All non-privileged incoming mail is opened and checked for contraband. Packages are not accepted for inmates unless prearranged through administration. No cards or postcards will be accepted.

Inmates must submit a written request to the property officer or Captain requesting permission for book/magazine orders to be sent. With approval, inmates may receive such orders but the order must come directly from the publisher or store—Amazon, Walden, etc.

Programs & Volunteers


The Department of Corrections provides many types of programs to its offender population. The majority of the programs are provided by volunteer instructors. We have been fortunate in that the community has been very responsive for our need for volunteers to run AA, NA, Decision Making, Yoga, etc.



Contact Information:
Please feel free to contact our department with the means that best fits your convenience:

Community Corrections Center
103 County Farm Rd
Claremont NH 03743
Phone (603) 542-8717 ex.433
Fax (603) 542-0239

Program Director
Donna Magee,
Volunteering Coordinator



The Work Search/Release Program is an earned incentive and only those offenders that demonstrate good work habits and meritorious behavior will be granted access to the program.

The Work Search/Release Program is designed to instill personal responsibility, provide supervision and discipline, and opportunities for the rehabilitation and transition for the offenders. Through this program, offenders will be able to gain employment while being incarcerated. This will allow the transition from incarceration to the community to be a successful one for the offenders.

  • Contact with our Department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The staff conducts site checks, via phone conversation or personal contact with the Supervisor at the employment to monitor the offender's progress.
  • A portion of the offender's income is displaced back to the county and towards the program costs.
  • All offenders are tested on a regular basis for substance abuse.
  • All offenders are required to have reliable transportation.
  • All offenders are required to report to work, everyday, unless an extreme emergency will prevent them from doing so.
  • All offenders can work up to 6 days a week with no more than 50 hours per week.
  • There is a tax write-off for hiring felons. It is 40% of all wages paid up to $6,000 for offenders working 400 hours or more. Or the employer can claim 25% of all wages paid if the offender works for the minimum of 120 hours. Maximum credit is $2,400 per offender.

The goal of this program is to put an offender to work in a meaningful way so they have the ability to become a productive member of society. Your help in this endeavor can only lead to success.

Trails Program


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