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4-H LIFE Program

New Hampshire 4-H Living Interactive Family Education (LIFE) programming was started with funds from the 4-H National Mentoring Program in FY2010. University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension (UNHCE) collaborated with the Sullivan County Department of Corrections (SCDOC) to pilot this program in a county jail enviroment for one year.  4-H LIFE has continued and is currently receiving funds from the Second Chance Family Support Grant and another grant from the 4-H National Mentoring Program.  4-H LIFE is a three part program that provides parenting education, mentor training to inmates and 4-H Family club meetings at the SCDOC.  4-H LIFE embraces a child's need for belonging, mastery, independence and generosity through jail-based and community 4-H program opportunities.  With training, offender parents and the child's care giver can become positive role models for their children.  Parenting/life skills sessions attended by inmates help them strengthen family bonds, take on leadership roles, and practice positive family interaction.  We continue to work with the SCDOC Superintendent and/or designated program staff to create further strategies for mentoring within the Community Corrections Center and in the community upon the inmate's release.

Contact Information:   Gail Kennedy, UNH Cooperative Extension, 24 Main Street, Newport NH 03773.  Tel.  (603) 863-9200.  Email:

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