Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a long-range planning tool for the acquisition, development, construction, maintenance, and renovation of facilities, infrastructure and capital equipment.  The CIP also establishes a logical implementation process both to support level funding, as well as completing the work at the most advantageous time in the life of the asset.

Althought managed by the Director of Facilities and Operations, Department Heads from the entire County contribute to the Plan that is reviewed with the Board of Commissioners each January then finalized each spring after development of the budget.  Preparation of the CIP in conjunction with the annual Budget ensures a fiscally-responsible approach, as well as a efficient use of resources.

The goals of the CIP are:

  • Indentify capital needs of Sullivan County over the next five years
  • Create a uniform process to develop the annual capital budget
  • Increase coordination between County departments
  • Research alternative funding options for projects