Sullivan House

Sullivan County is working on a project to establish a sober housing facility in Claremont.  This facility will fill a critical gap for people in substance use recovery by providing safe, clean, and affordable housing so residents can continue working on their sobriety and working in new jobs in a structured, supportive environment.  This proposal is still being developed and has not been officially approved.  The County will continue coordinating with the City of Claremont, property abutters, and the community to educate, inform, and solicit feed back on the project.

The links below contain more information about the project.

The Frequently Asked Questions document provides answers to many of the questions that have been asked on social media and at the County’s previous community engagement forum.

The next link is to a peer-reviewed journal article published by the National Institutes of Health that explores the role of sober living houses in improving outcomes for sustained sobriety.

Finally, this article was published by US News and World Report on April 9, 2019 and describes a sober housing facility located in Portland, Maine.  County officials visited this facility in July 2019 to learn more about how it operates, why it’s successful, the impact it has had on the local neighborhood, and reactions of local citizens.

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